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Miranda Lambert told Billboard Magazine: “I think it's close to time, if we're going to. There would be nothing better than being able to hang out with my husband on tour, we've never actually done that.

“We're getting to the point where we want to slow down, we don't want to tour as much, so I think it's now or never, if you ask me. If we want to collaborate we should, if we want to tour together we probably should start thinking about it.” “There's so much more behind it than just saying, 'let's go on tour.'

That's sounds great when you're driving back roads drinking a beer, then you start the ball rolling and it's a thousand other things come into play." But Miranda did offer hope to the fans, saying, “I'm sure we will eventually, it's just got to be the right time and the right way. I'm a very strong minded female, I'd be, 'I want it this way, this is my band, my bus, and I'm sure he's like, 'never mind.'”