Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley Offers Up 'BK's Wave Pack'

"I'm just pulling from my life." That's how Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley describes the creative process behind his four-song solo EP titled 'BK's Wave Pack.'

The project is available now, and the superstar recently sat down with Cody Alan to talk about it.

"I've kind of been calling these solo songs my soul songs," BK says of the tracks, each of which he co-wrote. "We first moved to town as songwriters, and when I first started writing for this project, I kind of took a different headspace and mindset and just really allowed the titles and co-writes to kind of happen."

Those titles include "Beach Cowboy," Made by the Water," "Party on the Beach," and "Sunday Service in the Sand."

Just don't let the beach vibes fool you. BK says there's a spiritual element to the songs, in part because of where they came from. "A lot of these ideas just kind of came through me and my quiet time with the Lord, and journaling, and just trying to connect with God and myself and my higher self," he explains.

The project has been more than just a spiritual journey, though. "I wanted to find out what the next couple of years looked like," BK continues. "What is the next step for me and for us and all these things."

At the end of the day, 'BK's Wave Pack' is just another important creative channel for the singer. "I'm grateful to just have this outlet and to just write what I know and what I'm living."

Dive deeper into the conversation with Brian Kelley on the Cody Cast podcast here as the pair explore BK's fondest memories of growing up on the water, what it means to come of age in a "Sunscreen Family," and what it's like making music videos with Nelly.

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Photo Credit: Ben Christensen / Warner Music Nashville.