Man Pays $4K For a Gold COVID-19 Facemask

(Photo: Getty Images)

(Photo: Getty Images)

Way to completely seem out of touch and tone deaf, in a tough financial time for many. <facepalm>

Shankar Kurhade is from Pune, India and apparently is so well off, that he need to flaunt his riches with a Gold face-mask to protect him from COVID-19.

He saw someone with a silver mask and it gave him the idea to get a custom made 14-carat Gold N-95 mask. He dropped $4,000 dollars on the ridiculously expensive Corona shield. It took them 8 days and 60 grams of gold to create the mask. How do you breathe through Gold?

Many people are blasting the man for wasting money on something so unnecessary item. They feel like the money could've been better served, by purchasing n-95 masks for so many that can't find them or afford them.

To be honest... I'm actually shocked it wasn't some U.S. rapper that came up with this idea first. I guarantee when this story gets out, we'll see some in the U.S.

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